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Not necessarily. There is such a thing as B+W reversal paper. And I have seen it in the Freestyle catalog. Of course,I have never used it. But it would seem that one less duplication step would result in better quality.
IIRC Maco in Europe do this as well. Like the Dia-Direkt film, not the most sensitive of emulsions, but if you're printing this isn't an issue. Just be aware that there is only one grade, so if you hanker for playing with multigrade paper or fibre, you're going to have to make an interneg to play with.

Note O/T, For Hybrid-alt process, a B&W laser printer and OHP acetate (Heat resistant naturally) do make a perfectly good interneg for stuff like Gum bichromate. Thats how I started trying out alt-process without risking decent, once in a lifetime LF negs