14 Oct 2009

This round has already been filled with very nice images, and I look forward to many more.
The card from bwakel of Vettisfossen is very well done. I looks like Barry was suspended in the air when taking this photo. Really gives a feeling of how big this waterfall is. Makes me want to visit Norway.
Recieved a card from Souh Dakota with the question "Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Gov. Jessie Ventura, who wins?" Thank you c.w. for an interesting question. A question that has many answers. I really like you card. The light on the badlands really gives the image life. The brewing storm clouds adds drama. Well done.
The card from meltronic immediately looked familiar, but it was not where I thought it was (right conutry, wrong town). Nice overview of what the Czech Republic is like.
A very nicely composed and printed card from Laurent of what I thought was fuel pump. You captured the flavor of this old trackter very well.
Recieved a card from photomem of a steamboat on the Mississippi. I like the use of converging lines formed by the bridges. I have never visited the South for any length of time. Memphis would definetaly be on a tour of the region.
Finally a got a card from a guy by the name of drpsilver.

I look forward to seeing some more great images.