Thank you all for taking the time to create the set of images that have been sent to me. I know that I have been very slack in not expressing my reaction to the wonderful set of cards from this round, but here goes:
aluk Nicely printed fountain at McGill's … note to self: learn how to borderless print cause it looks great here
Anke Drewitz Shot of the bladehouse showing great texture and detail
Black Dog The range of tones in Bunker 9 makes for a compelling image
Buster6X6 Tack sharp and perfect exposure make it feel like the crazy brick wall is built into the card
crispinuk If there is an image that is defined by the colour, Husavik is it … but I keep looking at it up side down …
drpsilver Doorway to old bank - great detail captured long after the building has crumbled
DrZish Shades State Park is a wonderful low key shot that captures the light perfectly
Fleath Innocent subject of child given almost sinister feel with dark tones and blur
gordrob The mass of the collection of canoes in the foreground foils the mass of the mountains behind
lorirfrommontana Beautifully composed and interesting sign
markrewald Little Angel has been treated beautifully, which is set of nicely by the interesting border
Mick Fagan Hannah … wow … they eyes just draw me in
Mike Wilde Great vista of falls and trees from old logging area
mooseontheloose Stunning IR shot of Sacre Coeur with kids playing soccer in foreground
Pete H Rocks and water might be a cliché, but it is beautifully done with great tone
Rob Skeoch Man in the Wuxi Market has too much detail to describe - fabulously engaging
Roger Bulcock Misty boats with bird captures a great moody subject
rst Schloss Bruchsal - I am amazed each time I look at this image that it was done through a pinhole
rtbadman You're right, Roger, Handle your Trash has excellent detail and the toning is perfectly subtle
sly Great low-key shot … and of the same model as Mick Fagan's "Morrie" from round #16
Tim Gray The subject is a bit creepy, but the print and the metalic paper is the bomb
tocalosh Wonderful use of blur and framing to give a sense of action at the horse fair
Wolfgang Moersch Interesting tree and sky shot with IR film

Like others, my set is incomplete, with seven cards to come.