I find it strange that this thread has not produced a definitive answer on capacity of Kodak c41 developer. Weird. Here is PE's statement on this from another recent thread (I hope these guys don't mind):


I use Jobo tanks and go by their recommendations exactly. I don't have the figures here, but I do know that each tank has different recomendations even among the various Jobo series. If you use the mfgrs suggested quantities, you cannot go wrong. At least that is what I find with Jobo.

When I used to use SS tanks, I filled them to the top minus enough air space to allow for agitation.

When I use hard rubber tanks, I fill them to the top, but then in that case, I don't consider this single use. I adjust times. It is only when using Jobo and SS tanks that I use the developer one time. I also use a pre-wet with the drum processes.


And here's another from jimmyp:

I use about 270mm for 6 4x5 or 240mls for 1 120 roll. I'm mixing up 1litre at a time and replenishing that. If i was going a few weeks without processing, I would mix up a whole litre instead of replenishing the existing litre.


If jimmyp is using 270ml for 6 4x5 and tibiriusblitz uses 1L for 10 4x5 (about twice as much or so) and PE, developing 135 in SS tanks is just "filling to the top" but jimmyp is using 240 ml for 1 roll of 120. . . . well, it's just strange that there is no definitive/conclusive answer. (He wailed and whined).

Let's get this settled, shall we?