I have been using Forte Fortenza mostly with a little Ilford Gallery thown in for good measure - Although I am not philosophicaly opposed to VC, I want to get good at making my negs print right on grade 2 - so this is my discipline - today. I would like to try some papers with better blacks - I think The Ilford has it slightly over the Forte. I was reading about Cachet Expo R paper having a heavier emusion and was thinking of buying some Amidol and trying it. It would be yet another change in calibration I suppose - I guess I'd have to start over in some ways. I like to think of the whole process as a matched set. The film type (TRI-X or FP4 for 4x5), PMK and then there is the paper developer. I calibrated around D65 from photoformulary. i notice it is almost a paper grade softer than the Agfa paper developer I use for RC prints. I like to make 8x10 proofs before I jump into the fiber to give me an idea where I want to go with a negative. The Agfa developer is Hydrquinine based - it is soooo cost effective! I like the way it works on RC papers I bought a comercial container (a couple of liters of concentrate $11 - makes many gallons) and It has a month life and about 40 8x10 per liter - On RC paper it makes good blacks.