I'd add something here not directly related to this thread or any book mentioned in it.

I worked with someone once who told me how he wrote his Degree Thesis/Dissertation (History of Art) about a painter, he totally fabricated the quotes and references he attributed to one particular source. When I last visited the US I was told by a very senior Company Vice President (ex Kodak) to tell the same person how he to was about to get his MBA. I'm afraid at that point I told the truth, my work colleague had no MBA, he wasn't actually bright enough to get on a course.

A quote or reference has to be totally verifiable or it's completely worthless. In our own fields of higher academic research many of us did/do follow up references made.

We have quite a large number of people on APUG with post Graduate Degree's and a significant number of Professors, so quotes & citations etc need to be accurate.