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My contact with Dr Dr Shneour was... to hopefully tie up what I've found in 1930's Agfa Patents relating to additives to a p-Aminophenol developers and the mystery additive mentioned in the FIAT reports.

None of this information has been published in any books or articles, and I had hoped that Dr Shneour might have been able to shed some further light on this in view of any analysis he's done of Rodinal.

Other than a CAS # and synthesis for the desensitizer,
I am not so sure there is that much mystery.

I wouldn't expect the Professor Dr. to know those things from a simple study.

More interesting is the question of how the developer behaves without it...
Is there any evidence of problems with the simple rodinal formulas?

I don't see the sense of trying to duplicate one particular formula if other,
similar formulas work just as well.