I started shooting back in the mid 70's. You know the drill, take a High School photo course, and become immediately addicted. Back then, it was all Tri-X and Kodachrome 25 & 64 for me. Up until about five years ago, whenever I needed color snaps, I always grabbed a slide film. Keep in mind that color negative films of the 60' 70's and early 80's, were pretty crappy. And I never liked the Ektachromes that were so popular back then. I still have those beautiful Kodachrome slides from days gone by, and they still look fabulous.

Now, heres my quandary; today's modern color neg films are so good, easy, fast to develop and scan, that I find myself rarely burning slide film anymore. Heck, I have 10x16" inch and larger prints form modern 400 & 800 speed color neg films that look great. Wonderful color, fine grain, etc. And those are from higher speed color neg films! For commercial shooting, I can burn a few rolls of color negative film, drop it off for souping, scanning, and have it on-line for the clients perusal within an hour or so.

Does anyone still use slide projectors? I guess I just feel somewhat gulity for pretty much abandoning the fantastic slide films of today...

Kiron Kid
"A photograph that mirrors reality, cannot compare to one that reflects the spirit"