i used to make contact prints as a student .. but
when i left the school i had better things to do with
my time and efforts. when i worked in the dark for
a portrait photographer, i always made contact sheets
( full 5x7 or split 5x7 negatives ) post, first retouch so the
client could decide which of the proofs to pick and we would finish retouching ...
i agree, contact sheets are a good practice and helpful, but if i contact
sheet-ed all my film i would run out of paper and time .. and i am already short on time ...

when i want a contact sheet these days i do something i am not really supposed to
talk about here, but it takes about 20seconds and gives me a very good idea of what is on
my film ... and if i need a "hard copy" there is a device connected to another device that spurts out the print.