Sorry I missed this event. When I moved to the area, I didn't even know that photography is forbidden in the MTA. I found out when I pulled my Nikon F4e out and wanted to shoot some SCALA in the subway. After one of my first meetings at my company's NYC HQ, a bunch of us went out afterwards to do some sightseeing - around mid afternoon. Two NYC cops pulled me aside and wanted to know who I was, why I was taking pictures, etc... They let me go after about 15 minutes of questioning and some protestations from the group I was in. I often wonder what the outcome would have been if I were alone and certainly not part of a group working for a very large well known multi-national company happened to be HQed in NYC.

The several other times I was treated this way, were in so-called banana countries where freedoms are considerably curtailed. Interesting, eh?

Regards, Art.