KODAK website says:

Can I use SUPRA ENDURA VC Digital Paper for optical printing?
Yes. When exposed optically the image will be high in contrast. If balanced on flesh tones, the neutrals will appear cyan.

This sounds like almost unusable to me, or a cross-process look. But who knows, maybe this paper works better for reversal processing ;D. (Or worse.)

My main worry is this high contrast. When I first printed Supra Endura, I wondered that this should be the lower contrast of the two (Supra and Ultra). IMO it was way too high in contrast. I looked at the curves and saw that the Portra Endura had somewhat lower contrast. It was discontinued just a few months before that and I was wondering why a "normal-look" paper is discontinued.

My contrast issues have gone better now as I use KODAK RA-4 chemicals that give better highlights and shadows than Tetenal crap, but still the contrast is quite high -- well, ok for most cases -- but there is hardly any situations where I would want even more contrast by using Ultra Endura.

Any Ultra Endura users here? What's the point with it? Is it really much higher in contrast? Does it clip in highlights&shadows or is it more about curve shape? Should I try it out?

And, of course, there should be some ways to decrease contrast in developer. In reversal RA-4-processing, I've tried adding sodium sulphite (thanks for a tip, Photo Engineer!) to reduce Dmax and contrast, 0,8 g/l seemed to be a good value and it works well. I have not tried it yet in normal RA-4 but it could give you a lower contrast.

And we can't really know when they will discontinue Ultra Endura. But digital RA-4 material will stay with us quite long now because it has large markets. And, basically, of course it can be printed optically but the problem is in quality. I'm interested if problematic color casts or too high contrast could be corrected by modifying the developer.