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Hah, funny, posted similar guide few months ago - its in polish, but images speak for themselves ;-) - http://pentax.org.pl/viewtopic.php?t=13092

The main difference is that i prefer to use it on the other eyelet! The camera's weight is distributed more on your "arms length" and you need only minimal finger grip to hold it - even big slrs seem weightless after few hours of street shooting! :-)
Nice mod alkos!

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Good Morning,

Anyone who contemplates making any kind of custom camera strap should visit the pet department; dog leashes come in a variety of widths and even the narrow ones are generally plenty strong for cameras. Depending on your preference, a little riveting or sewing may be necessary.

The Leica strap mod cannot serve with rivets though, but it does cost very little (I paid 25,- EUR for the material for 2 straps). The biggest plus on my mod (which is, why I took the time for a small documentation) is - you have to make just one snip of a scissor and have finished a complete, perfectly working wrist strap with excellent Leica quick release and Leica fit and finish.

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While I don't what to cut into sales of Leica straps, Menos's design can be accomplished with generic nylon webbing and fittings from REI or other well stocked camping store.
Not affiliated with Leica, just have found the possible most economical way, to build the possible most usable and save strap. No searching for the raw material needed - just order the strap and prepare a scissor.

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gordy coale makes some beautiful straps ..
and he is an apug member too

Gordy's straps are some of the finest handmade straps one can buy.
They only have one issue, that goes in my way: They use the key ring attachment instead of the Leica quick release system.

I had a Leica M6 with an original Leica strap at hand, wanted a wrist strap, but did not want to loose the superior Leica quick release.

I use the Leica wrist strap now with my M6 and my Nikon FM3a (with or without winder). It works beautifully and costs the same as Gordy's straps.

It is not handmade though. To each his/ her own - I like mine ;-)