try pre-flashing the paper. it works for me.

albeit, you have to adjust how much of a pre-flash you need depending on the negative.

reducing development also works for me. Usually 1/3-1/2 stop does the trick in my case.

ohh... I bought a 10" roll of Kodak paper(for lab machine use), and it seems to have higher contrast that the Supra Endura I've been trying lately.

I ended up cutting it down to 8x10 and 10x12(proofsheets) and re-selling it to my classmates, getting 5x my purchase price . I guess the flea-bay gods were smiling on me that day . $5 roll of paper with $15 dollars in shipping. I got close to $100 from that roll after cutting it down. Thinking of doing that again .

But if things keep going the way they are with cut color paper, rolls are a great way to get paper cheap. Custom sizing is nice too, especially if one prints panoramic.