Can't find that picture that shows the whole of my darkroom. Now where did I put that.
But if you go to you'll see me sitting in my darkroom.

There's not much more to it than you see in that picture anyway.
All your darkrooms are massive and very beautiful, I'm going green with envy!

My darkroom measures about 5 by 6 feet. I have a Durst M670 that just fits on my bench, as you can see a short distance away is a Nova 12x16 inch fibre. If it wasn't for the Nova I'd probably give up on printing in such a small space. The fourth slot of the Nova is used as a quick water rinse, before I run out the door, through my bedroom (the darkroom used to be a small walk in wardrobe) out onto the landing and into the bathroom where prints are washed in the sink or in the bath. Prints are hung or placed on my fibre dryer in the tiny spare bedroom. The tiny kitchen is used for processing film. The living room for assesing negs etc. Negs, prints etc are stored in the spare bedroom and the loft.
Past the Nova there is just enougth space to get two 12x16 inch trays side by side before you hit the door frame. I have a big shelf running right round under the main bench, so if I'm split toning I can swap the toner trays between the bench and the shelfs as required.
Not opened my presents yet today, so maybe there will be a wee card from Santa there, that will tell me I have just been given a house that I can swing a cat in with a decent sized darkroom!