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I also was trying to find someone who used it (Tele-Dynar 25,5cm) with Bergheil 9x12 but did not. Indeed the prices are very high. I would like to see photo examples Tele-Dynar produces. Wonder how it does in b&w landscape.
I just got one!
not for 9x12, but for my newly bought Bergheil 6,5x9.
25.5cm F6.3

I havn't used it yet, but I have just put film in the cassette, so I'll get back as soon as I have something to report...

The prices of the beforementioned seller is really really high!

I just got this Bergheil 6,5x9 with two Radar cassettes (with inlays for 6x6 and 4.5x6) - three lenses (Heliar 120mm F4.5 - Schneider Xenar 105mm F3.5 and Tele-Dynar 25.5 F6.3) - hoods - 9 filters.. All in VERY good condition.

All of it for 200 (about 300$).

I think I was quite lucky...