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........ One of my local photo clubs has a contest but it is only open to 8 X 10 and 8 X 12 prints. I have been fighting with their competition committee in order to get them to allow 8 X 8. Another man who shoots with a Hasselblad has been trying for the past six years. They are already comparing two rectangles. What is so wrong with allowing for a square if the photography is of good quality?
I'll bet the committee insists on "Rule of Thirds" too! I've avoided the clubs because of this sort of pedantism. I was once asked to judge a club competition and spent most of the evening arguing that the rule of thirds or the golden mean are not prerequisites of a good photograph. Never again!!

As for the image - I really like it. To my mind - even if it is the knee, (right or left) that holds attention - the image is holding the viewer and making him or her think about it. I often take in square format - but usually print in rectangle. This tells me that even when I use 6x6, I'm still thinking and composing in rectangles. I think that the images themselves dictate the final shape and, whether it's square, rectangular, octagonal or round an image is good - or it isn't.

Anyway - JMO

Bob H