Just got off the phone with Peter at Kodak Professional (1-800-242-2424 ext. 19). He confirmed that Supra Endura in all sizes, sheets and rolls, is currently scheduled to "transition" to the new digital stuff. I also got him to admit that kodak's use of the word "transition" is a euphemism for "phase-out" (does this ring a bell? Remember all the folks here who were in denial when Portra was in the dark limbo of "transition"?). I mentioned that many fine art photographers are dependent on this paper. Two friends of mine have shows up right now in prominent nyc galleries and they are currently unable to print the remainder of their editions. Equally effected will be the teachers and students (of which there are many) who use these materials in college color photography courses. Peter was sympathetic. Told me that each call he gets regarding this has an impact on executive decision making. So, in the interest of keeping the last full gamut, normal contrast paper alive call the number above or email....kprotraditional@kodak.com. Perhaps it's a bit quixotic of me but please, act now...I don't think it's an overstatement to say that Supra Endura is as integral a part of the traditionalist's craft as is Tri-x!