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We all need to go crazy with calls, e-mails and letters to Kodak to show them that there is still a market for it. Unlike Kodachrome, it's not like there is only one place in the world to offer it so maybe there is some hope. They listened with the Ekar 100 in 120.....This is great stuff. I have had quite a bit printed on it for me.
That's the spirit Ektagraphic. Everyone needs to email and call before it's too late. It should be stressed that there are no other normal contrast papers on the market. Apparently the good folks at big yellow don't know how many students, hobbyists, serious amateurs, editorial photographers and career artists use this stuff. Despite the small percentage of sales that these five groups comprise they are nonetheless important players to the prestige of the brand. I'm assuming that whoever made the boneheaded decision to keep ultra and let go of supra did so under the assumption that the bulk of analogue sales is for commercial purposes (read advertising) and that these folks naturally want more vibrant, saturated colors. But given the fact that only a small amount of this kind of work is still done the traditional way while the vast majority is with lightjet it just doesn't add up. If kodak needs to lean out their traditional catalogue it only makes sense to let ultra go.