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I like the square and I like your image, but...

I would have moved the camera just a little to the left, to include just a touch of window, her foot in the lower right corner and her body a little more centered in the square. (But it is not my image, so I didn't)

Between the off-balanced composition and her pose, she looks a bit stiff and uneasy. It does put a little more edge in the image, if that was your intent.

More window and more space around her foot? Wouldn't that be camera to the right? camera to the left would center the subject more but cut out more of the window and reduce the space around her foot.

I am confused but interested in your comments - just the way the I read them they seem contradictory.

Anyway - I framed to optimize the conflicting diagonals from the stairs and the molding on the opposite wall vs their relationship to the corners of the square from a structural standpoint - the pose was mostly inspired by the line of the stairs, back mall molding, and railing.