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Here's the scoop. I called Kodak and told them that I was upset. I spoke to a man who apparently works with this stuff. I told him how unhappy I/we were....He didn't have much to say but that basically this paper will work for us if we work with it......Then I called Edgar Praus of Praus Productions whom I have used for a good amount of custom color prints. I know he has a close relationship with Kodak...I would consider him a master printer. He said that he is testing the VC for Kodak using optical printing and he said in some cases he is able to get better prints with it than before. He also said that it probably will be available in sheets. I think we should wait to see what time tells us. I am still going to write a letter and actually mail it to Kodak because lately people take physical mail much more seriously. It is like they listen because they know you care because you spent $0.44 to mail it to them....My two cents. I really want to get printing color!
He's been using the new endura? That's very good news actually. I'm still going to cherish the giant stock of regular Supra that just arrived in the mail. But that's good news. The only thing that scares me is the "crossover" which just makes me cringe having seen "crossover" manifest itself in my crystal archive work in the form of utter unacceptably nasty magenta highlights.