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Sorry, by "just a touch of window", I meant less than there is now. With her foot closer to the corner -- puts a little more energy down there. And I would try to match this with the other lower corner -- so that you would also keep the energy you have there from that line coming right out of the corner.

So there would be a little more wall showing behind (to the left) of the figure, balancing the figure a little better (subjective opinion, I know) in the frame.

But you have a strong image there. You have the softer rounded female form, surrounded by sharp angular male forms. She is not bathed in light, but is being struck and almost shoved back by the light bursting through the window. Her hand is in an active pose -- not a hand at rest. And that can be said for her pose in general. My suggestions above would change that -- not necessarily for the better.

It is a very active composition, there is a lot of tension in it. It grabs our attention and makes us want to wait to see the rest of the story. Which might be a reason that one can have it on the wall and not tire of the image.
Thanks a lot for the clarification - I think the I was successful at what i was trying to do based on your comments and that is good feedback.

The other thing that I appreciate is your comments that are more calling into question if what I was trying to do was "appropriate" - or maybe ill conceived in the first place. Both are important to me.

I really enjoy making images that are a couple of things at once and a little complicated - not cluttered - complicated. For me it is a breath of fresh air after spending years shooting idiotically simple things for other people.

Thanks again for spending the time and thought process.