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It was me. I wouldn't sy they are a an absolute waste of time. The only problem I seem to have is that out of the two clubs I belong to, I am one of two film shooters.

My only point was; that people who don't know much about the 6 X 6 format often don't like square photographs.

I especially like how in the OP's photograph, the woman's left leg mirrors the railing.
I am shy about pointing out specific intent regarding my own photos especially when it comes to things that I myself am not sure about the success of failure of but I just have to respond to the leg/line/railing thing...

In this particular comp I was struggling with balancing the whole shooting match in a square and trying to achieve some sort of equilibrium between symmetry and juxtaposition or contradictory line. I usually am a much more intuitive shooter but I was having an issue with what I was seeing vs what I wanted so here is what I did.

My best to have a natural line of the model - imagine a center line if you will mirror the diagonal of the railing, molding, and downward line of the stairs.

The line of of each of her legs - the part below the knees - mirror the diagonal in the molding below the window in the lower right of the composition and the number of diagonals from the stair treads being the same in the opposite direction.