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This is what I get but perhaps he is shotting directly into the sun. And this was a nasty day so I'm sure I did not over exp.

800z is no doubt my fav color neg.
When it looked like they were going to discontinue it, I cried...

Thank you much.
I researched and played with this a while back but I'm really waiting until the darkroom is done to get serious.

This is from very limited experience.

Overexpose seriously, 1-3 stops with no change in processing. The closer to +3 you get the more pastel the colors will go.

Use backlit situations meter for the face then go plus 1,2,or3 for the effect. An incident meter will help here.

For processing Jose uses Richard Photo Lab and they do the scanning and proofs. (They do great work.) Jose, from what I understand does no processing himself.

Richard photo processes to the photographers exact spec. I use them to process my wedding work, they keep list of my preferences; do I like things warmer/cooler, darker/lighter, on 5x5 or 4x6 with a 1/4" border or sloppy border, blah, blah, blah... My preferences are applied to the whole order, nothing more or less, the jpeg scans look just like the proofs.