Wow! What Great photographs! I really like them all! I feel privileged to add my shot! Jorge, fabulous tones and a great subject! Les, really captivating image the way you shot this image, I really like it. And Ole, I absolutely love that nude! She's beautiful and the image is tonally great as well. David, great shot and very interesting history. I'd like to go there sometime. Cem, love the blue tone on that image (wish you had incl. the details), it works real well. And Aaron, I also like your image. Now I know what detail is available with an 8x10 negative! lol Anyway, I just wanted to comment on the great work and I'm bummed I not going to see the rest!

I'll get it off to Brian here shortly. I still have to cut some mats and figure out which way I want to mount the print. I all have at home right now is some archival reversible glue so I'm thinking of just taking down the corners with this. I've never used it before so I'm hoping for a reasonable level of flatness in the end. (gotta admit, the dry mounted prints are nice)

Again, Great work everyone!