well, I'm in the process of drafting a letter as I'm typing this.

I will be posting a sign tomorrow in the photo lab at school with a copy of Kodak's announcement of the discontinuance. Along with it, I'll put the address listed here for Kodak, as well as the 800 number to call x-tension 19.I know that there are a lot of people who like to use the Kodak S.E. paper at my school. I've decided to use Fuji myself, but there are certain negs that I think just print better on Supra Endura, so I keep a box in the fridge for when I want to re-print them.

I've also been considering putting a petition (names, city, and state, etc.) so we can get names on the list to include with my letter. People could sign it if they wanted. Maybe Kodak would take this more seriously if we petitioned .