If I did contact sheets by just laying down sleeves with glass I wouldn't even think about it. But laying down 6-7 strips per sheet, then sliding them all back off is what I find to be the utmost in tedium. I usually sleeve negs AFTER contacting (which occurs after cutting down from the roll). The reason I don't sleeve them first is the amount of crap film usually picks up in sleeves making it more work to clean things before contacting. Usually if I just cut and contact they're fairly low on dry dust.

When I enlarge I always remove dust beforehand after pulling from a poly-sleeve so that part isn't a big deal. I just don't want to do it 6 times in a row for a single contact sheet.

There are times I even test a single strip to make sure exposure issues aren't going to waste my time as well. In general, yes, most tedious part of darkroom work. But as someone who mainly shoots people, cultures, events, etc. I couldn't imagine not having them. Examining a neg for density and sharpness on a light table is nowhere close to having the contact sheet.

They're also stories of their own.