This is predictable. Happens every time. Big Company, faced with a poorly-selling, money-losing product, discontinues it.

Afficionados of the product---acting on the quaint belief that only BC's ignorance of the heretofore-hidden, massive-yet-stealthy grass-roots affection for the product (ignoring the actual hard fiscal evidence of its dismal sales) prompted the discontinuance---mounts a petition drive to "save" a product no one wanted enough to buy in the first place.

BC either soldiers on a bit longer, hemorrhaging money all the while, until the momentary sales blip born of the petition drive subsides and sales return to an even lower baseline, with the company in worse shape than before. Or BC ignores the petitioners' pleas, and is scourged online and threatened with boycotts for its failure to "support" whatever activity its product enabled.

It's been said many times: the only petition that matters is the cash register, like it or not. If you like a product, buy it and use it. Company management would be insane and derelict to continue wasting its shareholders' resources on money-losing products.

Nothing personal, Dan.