It is time Kodak adapts to demand. Discontinuing every product because sales are lower isn't the only solution. Smaller production to meet demand is another option. Kodak didn't always make huge runs of their products. They grew as demand grew. If the demand goes down, why stop making things altogether? I am buying their products. But I can't buy it if they don't make it.

There is an intense interest among my students to learn how to print color. They may not have that opportunity before they even graduate once the paper is off the shelves. Understand, Mike, that Supra is the last paper in sheet form. Anyone who wants to use RA-4 in the future must purchase a roll and cut it. That is not conducive to trying things. Nobody is going to invest in a roll to try printing for the first time.

Kodak is only losing money because they insist on making more than what they can sell. They can make less and turn a smaller profit, or they can stop producing and make no profit. They continue to choose the latter.