looking to get a bit more accurate there Athiril. I ran some Velvia through my Hasselblad X-Pan last night and it seems that I over developed the film a little... To my naked eye there only appears to be color in what were very vivid areas such as the gregor macbeth chart. I did some shots inside at the end when I got cold, but I was surprised to not find more blatant color out at night. I haven't examined negs with a loupe (hung them up and went to sleep) but the base looks like C-41 processed film and there are still traces of color so I will not give up! Usually all of the mixed lighting and long exposure leads to wild colors/saturation/shifts especially on velvia.

However I am going to try next time with a dilution of 0.25oz bleach to 9.75oz flexicolor fixer instead of .5bleach to 9.5oz fixer and today I will try with 4x5 velvia sheets so I can shoot, dev, examine, repeat!