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Ouch! Zowee! Are we in the schoolyard here?

90% of my work is shot on film, but I do "enjoy" my digital camera when it's the right tool for the job. What I enjoy even more is doing useful things---as opposed to empty feel-good gestures like protests and petitions---that might materially advance the cause of analog photography. Things like demonstrating to others via my own work---or so I immodestly hope---what is possible with an analog or hybrid workflow; how such methods can produce work of a beauty and permanence that puts digital to shame; and why others might want to do likewise in their own work. And I buy the materials I need to make it happen, which does my part to keep the manufacturers making those things.

So Greg, you might want to learn more before you pronounce upon anither's "passion". My "passion" is for results, not gestures.
I buy their paper. I make my living from using their paper and teaching other people to use their paper. This may be a hobby to you, but it is my livelihood. I am very passionate about traditional photography and the creative possibilities it provides. By eliminating our access to these products, we no longer have a very important tool for visual communication. It is not simply a matter of one product going away, but having other options to go to. This eliminates access to all RA-4 printing at home and even schools. Even if we can find a workaround with the new emulsion, it is not available in sheets. That means we will have to invest in very large amounts of paper in roll form. Not everyone is able to make that investment.

This petition is to let Kodak know that their decisions impact more than just their bottom line. At the scale they make products, I can't see how any of it turns a profit. And nobody wants their digital cameras or printers, either. I don't know how they are going to survive at all unless they make changes.