Contact sheets are an essential point in the path to a fine print. Of course, I gave up on them as well!

I think they are overrated. Perhaps for 35mm they save some eye strain but I don't like making them.

They are tedious and time consuming. I have limited darkroom time anyway.

Even if you use BTZS, you still get negs (4x5) that are +/- 1 stop off from each other. You could eyeball it and try to lump 4 together that are about the same density. I have also made 4x5 matboard cards to mask the thinner negatives part way through the exposure based on my estimate.

I don't like the practice of low contrast contact prints to see the possible detail. A loupe on the negative should reveal that and the low contrast print is uninspiring to look at. I prefer grade 2 contacts so I can see which will need +/- contrast in printing.

I also gave up on tedious naming, labeling, filing of negatives. I file them in roughly chronological order and usually indicate which ones I have printed. For sheet film, I don't generate 1000's of negs so periodically looking through my old negatives is a manageable and worthwhile exercise.

I also don't like the extra handling of the negative required in making contacts sheets. It is just one more risk for scratches and dust.