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@Greg, @frotog, et al: I hope the petition helps. Seriously.
This is very nice to hear - seriously.

I suppose @BradS and I will now have to draw straws to see which of us will become "troll" and which, "troublemaker". I do look quite fetching in green....
Well, only you can decide about yourself; there are no judges. I'm honestly sorry; my intention was not to give a judgement, just to tell you how disappointed I was when I saw some people making fun of the ones making the petition, generally underestimating our intelligence. I've seen that on some photography forums, and after a while, it has led to complete decay in photographic discussions. Probably I'm just oversensitive and paranoid for this kind of things, as this certainly isn't your nor BradS' intention. I'm sorry.

But, after all, petition is just a list of names. Consider it as a list of devoted Supra Endura users. Even if it was completely futile, so what? It takes only a few seconds to sign, and a few minutes to send. I think we all understand that in addition to petition, we also have to show our engagement in this product by buying it as long as it is available; and, of course, also start finding alternative products. But the petition will still give some numbers to KODAK about devoted Supra Endura users. Let's give KODAK a chance to decide what to do with this petition -- because, as said before, no one of us have worked for that kind of company.