Regarding Kodak -

PE ..... Just thought you might like to know some of us do love Kodak. I account for one. I began my pursuits in photography in high school in upstate NY (Saratoga) back when Tri-x and all the classics were in their early years and photography was fabulous and honest. My first film that I was to develop was 35mm Plus X, I loaded it into my brand spanking new Miranda Sensomat RE. I processed it in open plastic tank in D76 in my home built sink I made out of corrugated cardboard and fiberglass resin (true, and yes it worked). I made some small prints, some were decent and others were very bad using Dektol in glass baking pans. At that time Dektol came in cans (I still have some believe it or not). Everything I used was Kodak. All my photographic life I have had high regard for Kodak, they never ever let me down with product quality nor incredible amounts of thorough and crystal clear information. They have also always provided superb technical support. The fact that Kodak has always provided the best technical information in the industry, means every photographer on this planet should be unbelievably grateful to them for that benefit over the decades. I, like many others, have had some great disappointments in the recent past when Kodak has dropped some excellent products, for me, it was when they discontinued Elite and Tech Pan, then the recent loss of Kodachrome. Kodak was there for me in every regard when a neophyte, all through college, years as a professional, years as a commercial lab owner and even now. Kodak is a great American company, they have served the entire worldwide photo industry extremely well. Everyone, and I mean everyone, should be appreciative of that simple fact. Photographers that complain should put some of their disappointments aside and look more at the big picture of what they have made available to the industry. My hat is off to Kodak and all the dedicated hard working men and women who have made it such a great American success. I used to visit George Eastman House in Rochester, my favorite place of all time. If folks want to get a better feeling for Kodak and their incredible contributions to photography, I strongly suggest you visit the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. It would be nice if people would once and for all stop the attacks directed at Kodak. Thanks for your knowledge sharing "PE", I am one guy that truly appreciates all you and your past associates have done and what the presnt group will continue to provide to us. Kodak has made serious commitments to analog imaging well into the future. If you want to learn more contact them and ask to be put on their professional contact list so you can receive company news. Tell them what you want and support them, they will listen.