I have the same odd urge about stairs. I like three the best, but then I tend to shoot stairs in a more vertical (in this format). If it's a horizontal look I am going for, it will be a detail in a step itself. It's not the leading of the stairs that gets me, it's really the lines and shadows that they create, 2 steps closer, sideways, taller, you have a completely different look. It's all about the character and drama. The more crap growing out of them the better, well places chips and dents makes my mind wander and think of the circumstances in how they became. I love them and actually, they are one of the things I love about walking around the European cities I have had the chance to visit. But, So far, nobody has them like Scotland. My 4x5 is going with me next time just for this reason. Ok, maybe not JUST this reason, but I'm sure I will have quite a few.