Im sure this topic has likely been covered before, but as Im new on the forum and I have a specific request-here goes:
A pal of mine who I met through another photography forum last year went digital Bridge cam from Minolta SLR. I bought some nice lenses from her which work great on my film and DSLR bodies. Recently as Ive got back into film, she has offered me the following list of films- which she has stored in her fridge ( not freezer ) -all are between 6 and 10 years old ). Im getting these free for the cost of the postage btw.

Here they are:

6 x Klickphotopoint 200 ASA - 24 exp
1 x Kodak Ektachrome 160T (tungsten) slide - 36 exp
1 x Ilford XP2 super ISO 400 - 24 exp
8 x Numark 100 ISO - 36 exp
4 x Ilford 400 Delta Pro 400 ISO - 36 exp
1 x Truprint 200 ISO - 24 exp
6 x Colorama 200 ISO - 36 exp
7 x Jessops SHR 200 ISO - 36 exp
1 x Paterson Acupan 200 ISO - 36 + 2 exp

What is the liklihood of any of them being usable ? Or perhaps are any of them less likely to be usable than the others ? I read on another thread on here that the higher the ASA number the lower the shelf life.

2 weeks ago I got developed a roll of Jessops 35 mm colour ( I believe they used Fuji) which Id had for 15 years unrefridgerated and all the prints looked good !

I dont mind a bit of a risk ,as at the moment Im experimenting with the various cameras I currently have for a bit of fun, and its only costing me 2.99 for developing a 36 exp film incl a set of prints at my local lab.