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Thanks for all the input. I agree about the planning thing - but knowing how my head works if I turn the theme into a project I will become unbearable. I will put it on my list of someday projects. I have like 70 prints of stairs that I have made just from walkabouts.

When I saw these I wondered how many people use these everyday? For how long? Nobody seems to give a crap about them or a second thought and they look like they might be completely useless as stairs in like not too too long. Then what?

First, I would say that if you have 70 prints of stairs you already have a project. Second, for reasons that you may not yet understand, and the rest of us do not have to understand, you are drawn to photograph this subject. It is what you are supposed to do, so do it. Awhile back Cheryl Jacobs posted a wonderful quote by Martha Graham about following your own path in art.