Had a lot more success this time round.. this time I decided to mix in regular bleach (Agfa AP70), I used 25ml Rodinal as I ran out of my own formula, and 25ml of Agfa AP 70 bleach concentrate (working solution is generally 1 part bleach, 1 part water).

I did a stand development for an hour - no agitation at all - no adjacency effects.

Started development at 32c, 10min in was 30.5c, 26min was 28.5c, 1 hour was 27.5c

Could have developed much longer, probably another hour, but much much better already - I saw plenty of colour after washing developer off and examining before bleaching and fixing, this is after a partial bleach and fix.

I couldnt see much colour in the scan, looked monochromatic to me, so I thought too much bleach bypass effect, and did a full combined bleach and fix... it erased the entire image. nothing left on the film base at all!

Odd, and the image isnt monochrome. its just very very low saturation, but with the better density I was able to pull it up with heavy processing.

PE: Do you have a clue to why a blix would remove colour too?

Not all colours are right, Reala 100, +1 exposure compensation (1 sec, f/5.6, Kodak Ektar 127mm) cut piece of 120 in a 4x5" back.