The 4 items are:
a 300 mm Tokina, f 5.5, in a leather case. The glass looks immaculate, but it needs repair. Something has come loose inside, but it doesn't rattle. It looks almost mint on the outside.
a 135 mm f3.5 Travenar lens in a cardboard case. The glass looks perfect except for some dust. everything seems to function perfectly, and it looks great. All metal, silver, lens covers.
3 Close-up tubes for Exacta. No name, but have QUPSCO written on them.
An book called "Exacta Photography" by Jacob Deschin from 1955.
To be quite honest I have no idea what to ask for these items. I'll take advice from whoever knows something about this stuff. I can't find anything on the internet.
I would like to sell them all together. I was going to give the 300 mm to whomever bought the 135mm.