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Thanks again Suzanne,

Re: the real estate, I am saying to compare the optic quality difference, eliminate that variable by printing only from a 35 mm size out of the 120 film from whatever camera to compare.

I agree and concur with all of the above posts. I like the look of 35mm for a lot of work and of course the ease and speed of using. Short of scientific tests ( Emile mentions the tests on the DR 50) what is the mystic? is it really there- the secret formula for the Leica/Contax? Can we actually see it and compare.

I like to look I get with my old nikon 35 for my street and I am still shooting with 30 year old Pentax bodies and lenses-for other work I use 8 x 10, and I will own a Leica one fine day.
I think the mystique goes beyond just the final print. In the end, when you see a print on the wall, it ultimately doesn't matter what camera you used or the optics. (except for maybe those pesky zooms!) I've never been one to get too technical, but I love how the Lieca or the Mamiya feel in my hands, and the way I see and frame images when I use them. I love using my thumb to move the film forward, and I love that they are both reasonably quiet, my subjects may never know when I've pressed the shutter. I also think, when I'm photographing kids, that the Leica is a less intimidating looking camera to them, so they will be more comfortable, and then you are more likely to get 'the shot'.

Of course, the awesome negatives from both cameras make life in the darkroom a joy!