As I do not like tripods I noticed that in a MF camera I use 400 speed films and 100 speed in the Leica. If I compare these the gain of the larger negative size is lost to the better quality of the slower film. So the 1970 Hasselblad is retired and a 1957 M3 is mainly used.
My printing is restricted to 12X16", and this can be achived with 100 speed B&W using developer for sharpness (e.g. Pyrocat HD). 400 speed films seem to require a compromise developer which controlls grain size as well for optimum results.

Remember the tread about cheap 35 mm viewfinders? Picked up a 40 Konica S3 added a Leitz lenscap plus black tape over the Konica writing and poor mens Leika CL was born. The 38/1.8 is not too bad.