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Hi all--

Last year, I started hanging 4 prints in my front hallway, which I rotate every couple of months. I'm using some pretty cheap wooden frames I got from Michaels, but I'm looking for something nicer, and I'm looking to expand the number of prints I have up, now that I've ordered better lighting. It's purely a vanity thing...this isn't my business, it's just to show off and impress my friends when they come visit, so lower-cost might be nice.

I'm looking for a good-quality, good-looking frame that's easy to swap images in and out of. I don't like the clip-style "frameless" frames. I *do* like the Nielsen metal frames, and the flexibility in terms of frame sizes, but I don't like the idea of having to dis-assemble and re-assemble every time I want to hang new prints. But I generally like the slim, contemporary look of black metal frames.

If I could find metal frames that had retention clips like a wood frame, that would be perfect.

Any suggestions out there? Maybe I'm not searching all that well, but the Nielsen frames (or clones thereof) seem to be the only thing I find.


The best frames for frequent swapping are these:



I use Nielsen for sales and Halbe for exhibitions.