I apologize to all my print recipients - I forgot to include the blurb about the print in the packages.

The print is a platinum/palladium print, roughly 40% platinum, 60% palladium, on Bergger COT320 paper. The image is a tryptich panorama of 5x7 negatives taken at Iguazu Falls in Argentina, from the Argentinian side of the river. The view was taken in the dry season, with the falls at approximately 30% of capacity. The vignetting is from using a Fuji 300T telephoto lens, which has an image circle that barely covers 5x7, and having applied some front rise. I think it works aesthetically in this case.

Here is a link to the image, which I had posted in my gallery here - Iguazu Falls Tryptich . Pardon the scan, which doesn't really do the print justice.