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I'm not entirely convinced that Sensia is consumer Astia, I find had much more of a magenta shift when cross processed.
This is exactlye what "consumer version" used to mean - it was not as carefully stored as the pro version and had no "warranty" for minor color shifts.
The same has happened at least with the two Kodachrome versions (KR, KRP) - the pro version was kept better, while the normal or amateur version was greenish to not turn magenta so badly (or fast). [Not exactly sure about which way the colors were, as this is hearsay anyway...]

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As far I have heard there were/are 3 different versions of Sensia.
Sensia- Provia 100 consumer version
Sensia II- Astia 100 consumer version
Sensia (new)- Provia 100F consumer version.

Whether the newer is Provia or Astia, no Idea. I haven't tried both films.
I have heard the two first lines and AFAIK that is correct. Dont know about the "new" one.

Nowadays Fuji itself states different RMS granularity values for Astia 100F (7), Provia 100F (8) and Sensia 100 (10). So I guess it is a different film. Of course it could still be same as old Astia or Provia (without the F) or something like that. The RMS was same for those old versions. I believe this change happened in 2003, at the same time the Astia 100F was introduced.

Here you can see info on the emulsion codes and RMS values summarized (at least for both 100F films and current Sensia 100 they are the same as Fuji states on the data sheets): http://www.cacreeks.com/films.htm

I still used to think Sensia would be Astia, but I guess its not, at least not exactly same as the 100F version of Astia.