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I would use Portra 400VC or another color negative film. I don't know that Provia 400X will provide specific benefits to you here. It is more expensive to buy and process. It has less exposure latitude to help you recover from exposure errors. I probably has more grain than a color negative film of the same speed.
On the other hand, colors tend to be snappier with slide film, which may or may not be what you are after. To me, slides just have a 'dazzle' to them which I have NEVER seen in C41 film. Also, Provia 400 has somewhat better exposure latitude than Provia 100 (and less garish colors). And if you scan, most people prefer scanning slides vs negatives (don't know where you fall in here). As for grain, Provia 400 is actually rated at 11 RMS, which is not bad at all for an ISO400 film (not sure how this compares with ISO400 negative film). Especially when you consider that most ISO100 E6 films are 8 RMS. And to top it off, you can always have a slide show (not possible with C41!).