Ole is bang on. WRT Multigrade cooltone RC, Ilford advised that if a cold tone were required, a cold tone dev at double concentration should be used to overload the incorporated dev. I would imagine that such a method would be the only hope with teh regualar RC, but would prob be disappointing. In a comparison of Cooltone and others in a cold dev, Forte polygrade in a cold tone dev still came out far colder. As far as cold tone devs, I have used Tetenal Eukobrom, which is very cold and has very good life. I have Forte cold tone, but this apear to beasically be the same as far as the print tone is concerned. Both are cold enough to produce a cold image on polywarmtone (actually a blue green tone)! Polygrade, Oriental Seagul and Kodak Polymax Fine Art all produce Blue Blacks. Polygrade being the coldest by some margin. All are FB. Gold toning polygrade is very blue, but a gold toned warmtone paper more so. Gold toned Lith prints bluer still!