I really like your idea about defining catagories of photographic representation and furthermore defining what each of these catagories would represent.

I think that this is pertinent to the state of affairs as they exist today and certainly some individual and or body needs to take the lead in furthering the establishment of these criteria.

How do you propose to arrive at an agreed upon group of parameters that will define what each of these catagories entail and what the characteristics of these would be?

Once these are determined, how would the initiation of these parameters be accomplished within the photographic and media community?

Does there exist, today, any guiding body within the photographic community that would become involved in the establishment of this defining process? I can't think of one myself.

Since I have posed these questions, I will enter my thoughts along the lines of these as well. I think that one possible means would be to create a poll, the location of which would be published in all available photographic publications and photographic forums such as this, in which the readers or participants could participate in selecting from a group of criteria that would determine what each of the catagories would represent. My reasoning is that until a general consensus is reached that any attempt to arbitrarily establish catagories and determining criteria will still be open to no or, at the very best, very limited interpertation.

Once again, I think that your idea certainly has a lot of merit. I will look forward to other ideas as they are proposed.