Okay, I think I'm ready to call it "soup."

I've posted a lousy scan of a nice neg in the Technical Gallery--Arista.EDU 400 5x7", EI 1280, K2 filter, XR-1 (B) (1+1) with double the borax, double the hydroquinone, and 2 ml/l (stock) of benzotriazole 1%, 20 min. rotary processing in a print drum (preceded by a 2 min presoak). I decided to try drum processing just to eliminate the possibility of fog from light leaks in the darkroom, which I think was part of my fog problem processing at this EI in an open tray for 20 min.

The neg has low fog with detail everywhere and should print nicely on Azo somewhere between grades 2 and 3. Grain is better than I expected, and sharpness is quite good. The snow has detail on the neg, which didn't make it into the scan, and the scanner is responsible for some streaking in the sky area. The drum agitation is more vigorous than my tray agitation, so I can probably back the time off to 18 min.


Once I've tested it a bit more, I'll post it to the chemical recipes area.