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ic-racer, what the heck is that enlarger? I'm in Kansas City and had emailed him before he posted pictures. The leaves and debris on it drove me off. It looked like a junker to me, but I have an untrained eye when it comes to these things. Is it somehow useful?

That's an Elwood enlarger for 8x10" negs. Fantastic deal for $25. I wouldn't worry too much about the debris at that price. Cleaning won't be so hard. It's a good deal even if it requires some fiddling to align it and needs a new bellows and maybe you have to make your own neg carrier. A big question is whether the diffuser glass is all there. That's what is usually missing from old Elwoods. I think there are supposed to be three pieces of glass that go above the neg stage, each more frosted in the center than at the edges to even out the light output.