I have been remiss in respect of comments for Postcard Exchange 17!

Previously I have received, enjoyed and commented upon cards from 8 APUGers (mooseontheloose, Black Dog, Christopher Walrath, drpsilver, lorirfrommontana, MattKing, Pete H, Wolfgang Moersch).

The most recent arrivals are from:

Buster6X6 - “Must have been drunk” - a really interesting approach to “creative” construction - do you think Mike Holmes would approve ? - nicely printed too
crispinuk - “Husavik, Iceland” - a beautiful colour image, showing one of my favorite types of scenes
Fleath - “Running Child - Gallery 139” - child as a running blur - it makes me smile
markrewald - “Little Angel” - a beautiful/almost sad vignette and a very nice print
Mick Fagan - “Hannah” - a beautiful portrait of a beautiful young niece - I love the tones in the print - thanks for the kind comments as well, Mick
Rob Skeoch - “Man in the Wuxi Market” - a fascinating image full of intriguing detail - nice print too!
Roger Bulcock - "foggy from the ferry" - your card reminds us that a narrow range of tones can be powerful too
rst - "Schloss Bruchsal Pinhole - Window bars" - one of those images that looks great right side up, sideways and upside down too
rtbadman - "Handle Your Trash" - the texture of this reminds me of bromoil
sly - "Bonnet" - Lillian, the sense of shape and depth is great - thanks for your comment
Tim Gray - "Violinist" - Tim, you do creepy well - love the Metallic paper
tocalosh - "Appleby Horse Fair" - love the movement

I look forward to the 5 cards that are yet to come from:

(Allen Friday, bdial, Jon King, syzygy_moi, Síle)

Thanks to everyone for participating.