Agfa Premium RC is my standard RC paper. I FAR prefer to it Ilford. It has superb blacks and is on a bright white base. It is neutral tone, but without a hint of warmth. I have used it for proofing thru many different devs and it never looked any different!

If you want to stick with RC and get warmtones I can strongly reccommend the following: Ilford MG Warmtone RC - Lovely paper, esp in gloss and Paterson Acugrade Warmtone - only available in a unique sort of lustre - Its the warmest RC I have used and IMHO is rather unique looking. The surface is unlike anything else I have used - kind of a stipple lustre. It is also Lithable (not that I have tried). I have heard mixed comments on the Forte RC papers, but have heard that the RC polygrade is genuinely cold.

For neutral tone, you will not get better than teh Agfa RC, its great!